Podcast Episode #3: The Social and Personal Impact of Nudging

Hey Action Designers!

Today, we launch our third Action Design Radio Podcast!

This week’s episode, "The Social and Personal Impact of Nudging," Erik and Zarak chat with Dr. Rory Gallagher about his journey from academia to government. This episode focuses on the application of behavioral concepts to government to create better public policies and services that benefit citizens in myriad ways. We also discuss his new book co-authored with Owain Service, “Think Small: The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Reach Big Goals,” details how behavioral science can help people achieve their goals.

Here's a soundbite: “What we found is that many of those (self-help) books don’t bring those different tools together, and they don’t do it in an evidence-based way. So that was our attempt, I guess, to do that. And quite often what our team tries to do is give people a simple framework – often its public servants – for using these tools.”

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