Introducing the Action Design Podcast!

Hey Action Designers! We have exciting news for you:

This coming Tuesday, October 10th is our Action Design Radio official launch! Action Design Radio is our podcast that explores a variety of topics through a behavioral science and psychology lens. It is hosted by Erik Johnson and Zarak Khan who are a part of our national Action Design Network leadership team.

In our launch episode, "Are Chief Behavioral Officers in our future?," Erik and Zarak chat with Behavioral Scientist Matt Wallaert to discuss how and why organizations should create a Chief Behavioral Officer position. Matt shares insights and examples from his 15+ years of behavioral science experience to explore how academic concepts can be practically and efficiently applied to businesses. Ethical considerations are discussed, always keeping the public good in mind. Low operational costs and high efficacy make the creation of a CBO position a savvy idea for businesses.

Here's a soundbite: "If I have a bone to pick with our industry, it’s this. Stop (stop!) telling me about your fancy design thinking and just tell me what you’ve built. Because if you can’t show me anything that you’ve ever built that’s been successful and tell me exactly how you built it and tell me exactly what the success was and tell me all of the metrics, then I’m just not interested in listening to you.”

Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think! And if you like it, sign up to hear new announcements and help us spread the word by telling your friends!

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